Dockrey Apartments

Truro Estate Suites
164 Farnham Rd, Bible Hill
Pet Friendly Dockrey Apartments had excellent results from these professionals renovating this building

Basil Hoare Contracting, 897 5821 General Contracting: True Foam insulated concrete
Jobs done
Major Job Install air exchange HVACs to renovated 120 yr mansion (11), ducting piping vents ontime & onquote

Fabulous Flooring, 986 7786
Jobs done
Major Job 1000s feet of hardwood floor in reconstruction of 1880 manor house to 11 Bachelor apartments:: remove stained carpet and glued down vynils, install carpet to mobile home. Call Fabian Merriam

Greg's Renos, 843 3434
Jobs done
Major Job Lead contractor and carpenter on reconstruction of 1880 manor house to 11 Bachelor apartments. - framed bathrooms, built new walls, reinsulated, repaired stairways, reconstructed decks, built accessible ramps, trimmed all new structures, fitted and refitted doors, installed 11 kitchens, painted, advised on design concerns
Repair leaky window, replace wet insulation replaster under window repaint minihome,
replace plaster and ceiling tiles after electrician failed to clean up job site, appearance improvements
box in exposed heating ducts; Greg Singer

Kelsy's Plumbing, 902 897 0323

Jobs done:: Major Job:

Plumbers on reconstruction of 1880 manor house to 11 Bachelor apartments.
- designed and built pressure and flow balanced manifold water system.
- installed 11 dishwashers, 11 kitchens and 11 bathrooms.
- installed water heaters, storage tanks.
- removed cast iron piping for pex

other jobs.
- made safe boilers(2).
- replaced hot water boilers(9)- one on Sunday morning on public holiday weekend.
- repair hotwater/baseboard heater boiler, blocked with well sand.
- repair calls(37).
- Install hydronic boilers for baseboard rads(2), for cast rads(1).
- replumb house after tenant turned off heat for Christmas holiday (4).

Never had to fix anything twice, the repairs work

Sorenson Electric Ltd, 895 5020
Jobs done
Major Job Electricians on reconstruction of 1880 manor house to 11 Bachelor apartments.- Designed and installed all new wiring to switchboards and apartments, installed alarm system, emergency lights, exterior lights, HVAC controls, removed old dangerous wiring, made safe, ontime onquote. Repair wiring in mobile homes, make safe(9). Guidance on planning, -answering questions. Callouts for failure(35)

Wade's Residential Burner Service, 24hr licensed burner mechanic 902 897 5632
Jobs done :Repair failed pot stove(emergency heat source), during blizzard at -140: :Install New Chimney Flue 32 feet high on 550 pitch roof: :Burner cleanout(36): :Make safe & decommission old boiler & water heater: :Relocate oil tank & install protected oil lines: :Install new oil tank & transfer fuel oil to new tank(8): on-time & onquote

1 Dec 2015: vale Wade Fisher, and farewell,
I am one of many people helped out of a jam, out of irrepairable damage, by Wade.
He's a damn nice guy, and a great technician, and fun to have around, I'm lucky to have him as friend.