Dockrey Apartments

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Cleaning and repair

Oil companies, or furnace repairmen charge $150+tax to bleed the air from the lines if the oil runs out.
Do not allow oil to run out

Damages to hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, formica, walls, ceilings, and fixtures will be estimated until the actual charges for the repair work and materials are received.
Carpet is priced at $95.00 per square yard installed.

Storage facilities charge a minimum fee of one month rental of the space, for any part of a month
Storage spaces are priced by size, and range from $70 for a closet sized space, to $130 dollars for a large space.
Tenants will be charged storage fees for all property remaining in the premises at the end of the lease.
Goods determined to be unsanitary noxious or hazardous will be disposed of immediately, and any special handling costs for the disposal of those goods will be charged to the tenant.
Local storage companies, may be contacted through Yellow pages

Some items are not rekeyable or repairable and must be replaced.

Smoking is prohibited in all Dockrey Apartments properties.
Cleaning of premises in which the tenant resident or guest has smoked in is expensive.
Current charges of $200 per day for the ozone generator to destroy the smell, ~one day per room.
Hotels charge $350 to de-odorize a single room.

Charges of prescribed trades will be billed to the tenant at full cost;
prescribed trades include(non-exclusively):electrical; plumbing; WETT; appliances;