Dockrey Apartments

Notice to quit:

There is no tenant notice to quit in a fixed term lease,
the lease ends on the date specified in the lease,
the tenant remains responsible till the end date specified in the lease,
the tenant must vacate at the end date specified in the lease.
For a month-to-month lease, the requirement for notice to quit, is
NS.RS.c.1989.C401.10(1)b(ii) by the tenant at least one month before the expiration of any month.
NS.RS.c.1989.C401.10(4) A notice to quit shall be in writing and shall contain the signature of the person giving the notice or his agent, a description of the residential premises and the day on which the tenancy terminates.
Email is not acceptible as notice to quit, email cannot be signed.
Notice to quit, given today, is for 31st May 2018.Get Notice to quit

When you have given Notice.

You have informed the landlord in writing of your intent to vacate the unit, Check-out time is noon, per page 2 8B of the lease, unless otherwise requested, and written approval received from the landlord.
This is the last possible time you will be able to complete any cleaning so please plan ahead.
If you will be ready earlier, please give your landlord/super a call.
The landlord will be showing the apartment to re-rent it. RTA, NS.R.S.,c.401.9.(1).7.(a)
Keeping the apartment neat will encourage a prospective renter, and lessen traffic through the apartment for showings.

To help receive the entire security deposit returned, Dockrey Apartments encourage review of the following suggestions.


Cleaning and replacement costs of common items
The majority of those who lose portions of their security deposit do so because of inadequate cleaning.
To avoid this, Dockrey Apartments landlord or superintendants are available to answer questions, we would be happy to do a preliminary check if you call us early, before check-out time.
Please take advantage of this, we have apartment cleaning experience.
    The following are suggestions to avoid charges:
  1. WALLS; clean. A mild soap solution will remove ordinary dirt, grease and marks. There should be no nail holes
  2. FLOORS; clean. Any carpeting must be vacuumed. For wood floors, use only cool water and mild soap, rinse with clear water.
  3. BASEBOARDS; clean and free of dust.
  4. CLOSETS; clean and attention given to heavy marks, such as those from luggage.
  5. KITCHEN CABINETS; clean inside and out. If you have placed shelf paper, please remove all of it.
  6. REFRIGERATORS; defrosted and clean.
    • Turn the dial to the lowest setting.
    • No water should remain in the refrigerator
    • Do not use sharp objects to clean the refrigerator.
  7. STOVE AND OVEN; clean and all parts free from grease and splash, including broiler and oven.
  10. SWITCH PLATES, SOCKETS; free of dust
  11. LIGHTS; working bulbs.
  12. HEATING DUCTS AND PANELS; free of dust.
  13. WINDOWS; clean inside and free of dust and debris.
  14. REFUSE RUBBISH; placed in garbage bags and disposed of properly in bins or dumpster.
  15. GARAGE, STORAGE AREA, LOCKER, PATIO, BALCONY; swept clean and refuse disposed of properly.
  16. DOORS, DOOR FRAMES and WOODWORK; free of dirt and dust.

notify the appropriate utility company of your forwarding address and the date you are vacating the premises for a final reading.

Notify the post office of the address for forwarding of mail, and retun to the post office any Canada Post mailbox keys.

The exit inspection will be conducted only when the unit is empty of all tenant belongings.
Reserve enough time to complete this inspection, and avoid later complications and charges.
If the tenant vacates without completing the inspection it will be completed in their absence.
The tenant will return all apartment and Dockrey Apartments mailbox keys, and the forwarding address will be recorded.
Unwanted items must be disposed of properly; Dockrey Apartments does not provide a disposal service for unwanted items.

    Charges will be made against the Security Deposit for:
  1. damages not existing at the time the unit was occupied
  2. cleaning not completed
  3. disposal of abandoned goods
  4. securing the unit when keys not returned
  5. fees and charges
  6. rental arrears
Cleaning and replacement costs of common items