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Important Information for Renters

The Residential Tenancies Act 1989 gives rights obligations and securities to tenants and landlords of rental properties.
The Protection of Property Act 1989 gives rights obligations and duties to tenants landlords guests tradespersons and all other persons entering a property.
Obligations under all applicable Federal Provincial and Local acts statutes and regulations must be, strictly enforced.

Frequently Asked Questions : These FAQ are a guide only, the regulations can be found at the links below.

Is there a standard form of lease for a tenancy agreement?
Yes.   The Nova Scotia standard form of lease, applies to all tenancies. A lease is a written or oral tenancy agreement between a landlord and a tenant.
What is a Fixed-Term Lease?
A fixed-term lease is a leasing agreement with a specified beginning and ending date.   Example: 1st May 2018 to 30th Apr 2019. It ends on the date in the lease and neither the landlord nor the tenant is required to give written notice to end the tenancy on that date.   Landlord consent is required to continue beyond the end date
If a lease is in writing, does the landlord have to give the tenant a copy?
Yes.   The lease must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must give the tenant a signed copy within ten calendar days, of the earliest of the posession date, signing the lease, or obtaining keys.
Is the landlord required to give a copy of the Residential Tenancies Act to the tenant?
Yes.   A copy of the Act must be given to the tenant by the landlord within ten calendar days, of the earliest of the posession date, signing the lease, or obtaining keys.
Is the tenant required to provide the landlord with the names of other people who are going to live in the premises?
Yes.   the landlord must approve every occupant of the premises and their name must be included on the lease.
Can a landlord make rules for the premises?
Yes.   The rules must be reasonable. The landlord should give a copy of the rules to the tenant prior to the signing of the lease.
What happens when a tenant on a fixed lease receives a transfer in his/her work?
The tenant has to sublet or assign the leasing agreement.
When a tenant sublets/assigns a lease, are they still responsible for the lease?
Yes.   The tenant(s) who sublet or assigned the lease is(are) still responsible for the lease.
Can tenants keep pets?
The tenant must check the rules for the premises to make sure that pets are allowed. Dockrey Apartments property rules specify the conditions under which pets may be added to the premises. If the tenant receives consent from the landlord, it is given in writing.
Can tenants hang pictures?
No:   with a singular exception.
Dockrey Apartments property rules prohibit all modifications to the premises by tenants.   Nails may breach fire separations, pierce plumbing or electrical within walls. Bluetack or stickytack damages paint finishes
There are products, example 3M 'command adhesive' hooks that leave no marks, holes, or residues, these products may be used to hang pictures
Can a tenant refuse to pay rent for any reason?
No.   The tenant is always responsible to pay the rent to the landlord.
When a notice to quit has been given, does the tenant have to pay the rent?
Yes.   Rent must be paid until the end of the tenancy.
Do notices to quit have to be in writing?
Yes.   The notice to quit is to be in writing.
Can a landlord enter the premises?
Yes.   If:
Entry is by consent.-or
- There is an emergency.-or
- The landlord has given written notice of entry and the entry is during daylight hours.-or
- A notice to quit has been given by the landlord or the tenant and entry is made during daylight hours to show the premises to prospective tenants.
What is a security deposit?
  A security deposit is a payment by the tenant to the landlord to be held in a trust account until the end of the tenancy against costs.
How much can a landlord collect as a security deposit?
  The security deposit cannot be any more than one half of one month's rent.
When should the security deposit and interest be returned to the tenant?
  Within 10 days after the end of the tenancy, ten days from the end of the notice period given, ten days from the end date of a fixed term lease. The time does not start from the time the tenant moves out. Tenants should give the landlord an address where the security deposit is to be sent.
How can a landlord evict a tenant?
  (i)If the rent is fifteen(15) days late, The landlord may issue a notice to quit. If the tenant does not agree, the tenant must apply to have the matter mediated or a hearing held. If the tenant does not make application the tenant is evicted on the date of the notice to quit. If mediation is chosen, both parties must attempt to come to an agreement and sign a mediated settlement. If a hearing proceeds, the parties will both be heard and may provide evidence to support their application. A Residential Tenancies Officer issues an order, which the landlord takes to the court to have it converted to an eviction order.
  (ii) if the tenant breaks any of the statutory conditions in the Act. The landlord can have the tenant evicted more quickly
Is there any dispute resolution process for tenancies?
  Where there is any dispute both parties should try to amicably resolve the matter or, either tenant or landlord may make application to the Residential Tenancies Board. A tenancy hearing can be held to resolve almost any problem
Is Tenant Insurance Compulsory
Yes   The RTA contains a paragraph R.S.,c.401,s,1.8(1)
In addition to the statutory conditions, a landlord and tenant may provide in a standard form of lease for other benefits and obligations which do not conflict with this Act.
All Dockrey Apartments leases contain the requirement for tenant insurance, at paragraph fourteen(14) of the Standard form of lease.
Tenant insurance is compulsory in all Dockrey Apartments properties.
My fuses keep blowing, Why?
  Unplug something.
Electrical circuits are fused with 15amp fuses, the maximum safe load to prevent wiring fires.
If two devices that draw 10A each are plugged in and turned on at the same time, the circuit blows.
Power boards, plug strips, double adaptors, add extra sockets but do not add extra capacity,   there can only be enough to draw 15 amps.
Kitchen devices are the most common cause of blown fuses,
1000W each: microwave; toaster; kettle; minioven; cannot co-exist on the same circuit at the same time.
If the 15 amp circuit fuse blows, but the 10 amp power board doesn't, it indicates the power board is dangerous, NSPower, electricians, & inspectors recommend power boards not be used.
What is rent to own ?
  Canadian Information, rent to own.

Rent to own (real estate)
©Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Rent to own homes)
Rent to own is a real estate term relating to a real estate agreement which is comprised of a rental lease and a purchase agreement where the tenant has the option to purchase the property at a fixed price at a specified point of time in the future. It is also known as lease to purchase option, lease option, owner financing or lease-to-own.
The lease resembles that of a typical rental lease where the property owner, the lessor, allows the other party, the lessee, to occupy the property in return for a monthly payment. The option to purchase the property usually states the price at which the property is to be bought and the date at which the tenant is able to exercise the option.
Rent to own contracts typically become more popular during housing market downturns as landlords use them as a way to find good tenants. The seller entices the tenant by having a specified portion of the rent as a credit towards a down payment on the house, giving the tenant time to rebuild their credit if necessary.
Dockrey Apartments Rent2own

I do not have a written lease or a copy of the Residential Tenancies Act
The landlord has a duty to provide the RTA NS.Rs.c.1908,c401.7(1) and copy of the lease NS.Rs.c.1908,c401.7(2)
NS.Rs.c.1908,c401.7(3)   Where a landlord fails to provide a copy or reproduction of this Act in accordance with subsection(1) or a copy of a written lease in accordance with subsection(2) the tenant
  1. at any time before the tenant receives a copy or reproduction of this Act or the written lease from the landlord;or
  2. within one month after the tenant receives a copy or reproduction of this Act or the written lease from the landlord
may give notice to the landlord that the tenant will quit and deliver up the premises on a specified day within a period of three months from the day the notice is given.

Nova Scotia Acts & Regulations

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