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Online Computer Safety
Every unprotected computer has some malicious program running unknown to the user.

Nearly every internet site tries to establish a cookie, a file that records the details of your visits to that site, Unethical sites read the contents of other sites' cookies, a very comprehensive record of activity.
There are programs that are bundled with Spyware & Malware, Kazaa, Imesh & BearShare are popular P2P file transfer programs that include spyware & malware. These programs may also inadvertantly, or deliberately, provide an entry point to your computer for other programs with a much more malicious intent.
'Free' programs/screensavers/utilities are offered for download in Spam emails, Spam is an unethical way to advertise, the program is very likely to be just as unethical.
For each type of program there is one or more that is actually free and/or safe to use. Any such program, even if itself clean, could be used to download and install other programs containing spyware & malware, there is no way to determine the source or reliablility of the download. The best source for any item is always the manufacturer, where it is warranted and supported.
Search for the best program, not the loudest advertised. There is a widely advertised, expensive, almost useless, commercial antivirus, often bundled free with new PCs, that sells in huge number at chain stores, despite obvious faults. They give large commi$$ions to dealers.
The following programs and guides are worth the money, or really FREE & WORK, many do not, some rogue anti-spyware programs are spies themselves. This is not an exclusive, definitive, list, just those we have experience with. There are many others, Avast, Fprot, WinPatrol, SpywareBlaster, and MS Defender, use Google, for information.

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