Dockrey Apartments

Amherst 3 Blois St Pet Friendly

This older (100+) 3 bed timber home in the very center of Amherst, has enjoyed extensive updates & renovations. Complete replacement of the upper floor was required after a tenant fire:

Single oil tank and Separately metered for Nova Scotia Power, and wired for Eastlink cable tv, internet, telephone & Aliant telephone and FibreOp. Tenants need only contact Eastlink or Aliant & Nova Scotia Power to activate their service, and contact any of the regions fuel suppliers for oil.
and receive a discount fuel offer from BlueWave Energy Amherst 902 667-4333 or Truro 902 893-2931
Reconstruction finished, Interiors complete and siding installed, the property delightful.
Area Superintendant, helps ensure a quick response to any problems that may arise, & receive webform requests too.  
Please make any enquiry via our online Applications forms, at the buttons below, or
telephone (Amherst) 902 297-2757, (Office) 902 899-8394,

New leases 3 bed single home @$875 per month.  available unit ?: No
Dog owners are encouraged to apply in this pet friendly property

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