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Add/Remove Resident

This form can be
  • filled out on-screen and sent to Dockrey Apartments,
  • filled out on-screen and printed
  • printed blank to be filled out in pen.
Each field has a 'tool tip' hold the mouse over the entry area to see instructions for that field
Instructions and control buttons do not print or transmit

To be completed by the current Tenant to add to, or remove from, the existing lease,a resident.
All persons living in the property require Landlord's permission.
Unauthorised persons will be ordered from the property.
Contact details are Not Required to remove a resident

Tenancy details
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Tenant :
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New Resident Details
Full legal name :
*Smoker ? :
|   Smoking is prohibited in all Dockrey Apartments properties
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New Resident Next of Kin (NOK)
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Relationship :
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New Resident Employment Details
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Property Rules :
The tenant acknowleges the new resident is bound by all conditions of the lease Tenant note: The new resident is also bound by all property rules and conditions of the lease
Text typed in entry boxes is retained even if it scrolls past the edges of any entry box.
Required fields must be completed.
The tenant of the property noted above will be contacted by Dockrey Apartments to confirm this application, ensure tenant details are correct.
Tenants please note;
New residents will be required to provide proof of ID, and
Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their residents and guests