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Latest updated utilities for Old windows versions, Practise Safe-Hex, scan all downloads for virus & malware
Fast ME defrag.exe for win98
This is the latest version of Windows Defrag, for windows 98SE, and ME.
Faster and more reliable than previous versions meDefrag requires that the drives be FAT32 format (Check & Conversion utility included in all windows installations, and repeated below)
Once the conversion utility FAT32Win is completed on all local hard drives simply save the updated defrag.exe to the \Windows folder

1. Do the following:  At the bottom of the screen click:::

type in the pop-open box click
  and ensure that your drives are updated to fat32

2. Rename defrag.exe in C:\Windows to defragold.exe (as a backup, it will still work, but you will be wonder how you ever put up with it, so slow)

3. Save defrag.exe from the zip file in c:\windows folder to replace old version

Save or open to install Winzip 9.0
1 March 2007 Microsoft No Longer provide updates for Windows 98(se)
Fix for daylight savings changes for Atlantic Canada Time Zone Editor
1. Save to your desktop, and extract the files to a safe place, (like \windows in case you have to change the time again)
you can then delete the .zip file
2. open Time Zone editor, change the daylight savings time for Alantic Canada to "2nd Sunday in March" and "first Sunday in November", OK out
3.right click the taskbar clock and change the local timezone AWAY from Atlantic Canada, and click [apply], then change the timezone Back to Atlantic Canada and click [ OK ]
this change away/back makes the clock use the new settings from step 2
4. thats it, done.