Dockrey Apartments

Truro 152 Greenfield Rd, Murray Siding

This property has been Rented to Own, and is not available:
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This 2 bed mobile home on its own lot, comes with all the requirements for a beginner's home, or a new chapter in life.
Master and second bedroom,
living room,
Large open plan eat in kitchen with fridge, stove, dishwasher, lots of cupboards.
Full bathroom with stacked washer and dryer
Heating, electric baseboards and Propane furnace (ducted air), within the home, with ducts to every room, ensures comfort.(propane furnaces have instant heat, there is no heat up or firing of the burner as with oil)
There is ample tenant Parking, gravelled off-street space for three cars.
separately metered for Nova Scotia Power, and wired for Eastlink cable tv, internet, telephone & Aliant telephone FibreOp not yet available at this site. Tenants need only contact Eastlink or Aliant & Nova Scotia Power to activate their service, and contact any of the regions fuel suppliers for propane.
The property has a large timber deck, and detached storage shed for large items.
Inspection of the property is welcome & will not disappoint. Contact Us to arrange a viewing. Please make enquiry via our online  Application  forms, or telephone (Office) 902 899-8394,
Area Superintendants, help ensure a quick response to any problems that may arise, & receive webform requests too.  

New rent–to–own 2 bed single homes @ $750 per month.
New leases 2 bed single homes @ $650 per month. available ?: No
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Rent - Rent to own comparison

YearRentingRent To Own
 /month /year/month /year
1 $ $ $750$9,000
2 $ $ $750$9,000
3 $ $ $750$9,000
4 $ $ $750$9,000
5 $ $ $750$9,000
6 $ $ $750$9,000
7 $ $ $750$9,000
8 $ $ $750$9,000
9 $ $ $750$9,000
10 $ $ $750$9,000
$ $90,000
Basic Rent $
Yearly Rental Increase
For your consideration,
  • The price to rent:
    • small two bedroom mobile home in Truro $600pcm
    • large two bedroom mobile home in Truro $650pcm
  • Rental increase 5%/year for 10 years = $98,268 actual rental increase ≈ 8%/year
  • After 3 years, the renter is paying more each month than the renter-to-own,
  • After 10 years, the renter-to-own owns the property
  • After 10 years, the renter has paid eight thousand dollars more and owns nothing