Dockrey Apartments

Estate Suites

Truro 164 Farnham Rd, Bible Hill Pet Friendly

This spectacular building in Bible Hill, built in 1887, has enjoyed 120 years as a family home, a popular restaurant, & the home of local businesses.   Renovations complete, Dockrey Apartments has created bachelor apartments without altering the style or beauty of either the exterior or interior of the property. Each apartment includes, private bath, private kitchen, secure entry

Centrally heated to a base level with separate controls & air exchange, internet, HDLCD digital television, local phone. The original solid hardwood floors have been retained and refinished. The property boasts, some apartments with fireplaces, a large deck, and 2½ acres of lawns, long brook frontage & thanks to conservation efforts there are healthy brook trout, in the very clean brook.

Easy access to:

There is ample off street parking, and off street taxi pick up loop.

Area Superintendants, help ensure a quick response to any problems that may arise, & receive webform requests too.  
Please make enquiry via our online Application forms, at "available apartments" below or telephone (Office) 902 899-8394,

Dog owners are encouraged to apply in this pet friendly property

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  • Construction
  • Exterior
  • layout
  • Location
  • Units
  • Digital TV guide
  • Digital Remote Control
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    Each suite includes:
  • Queen bed & linen
  • Bath & kitchen towels
  • loveseat couch
  • dropleaf kitchen table & chairs
  • Microwave oven
  • dishwasher
  • full sized stove
  • full size fridge
  • Pots & Pans
  • utensils
  • dishes & cups
  • cutlery
  • toaster
  • coffeemaker
  • HDLCD television
  • dvd
  • wireless & cable internet
Available Apartments
No. Features pic Fl Condition Rent button available ?
1 Bay windows, bachelor 1 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
2 Bay window, Private Deck, Fireplace, bachelor Pics 1 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
3 Large Shower, Bay window, Fireplace, bachelor 1 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
4 Private Deck, bachelor Pics 1 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
5 bachelor Pics 1 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
6 bachelor Pics 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
7 bachelor Pics 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
8 bachelor 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
9 bachelor 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
10 bachelor with dividing wall Pics 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res
11 bachelor with dividing wall Pics 2 Spectacular ApplyEnqRepairAdd Res

Availability TBC, Enquiry & Reservation welcomed

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