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Tenancy application

This form can be :
filled out on-screen and sent to Dockrey Apartments : or :
filled out on-screen and printed : or :
printed blank to be filled out in pen.

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: All Dockrey Apartments properties are NON-Smoking.
: Dockrey Apartments require Photo ID.
: Failure to supply all information may result in refusal.
: Application must be submitted by each adult to be resident in the property.
: Adults without an application, will not be permitted to reside in the property.
: All persons including juveniles must be named as other persons in any application
: All *Compulsory* fields must be completed, form will not submit without all fields filled :
*Date Requested*:
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Dates can be altered, type over default dates to change.
*Applicant legal name*:
*Birth Date*:
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*Smoker ?*:
Smoking is prohibited in all Dockrey Apartments properties
*Other Persons*:
No person may reside in the property without written consent of the landlord
No other animal may reside in or be brought to the premises.
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*Residential Tenancies Act*:
*standard lease*:
lease :
*property rules*:
*tenant insurance*:
The applicant represents that the information provided in this application is true and correct.
By submitting this form the applicant gives irrevocable permission for Dockrey Apartments or their agent(s) to
  • obtain consumer credit report about them,
  • contact previous landlords to obtain information about previous tenancies,
  • contact agencies that provide landlord information,
  • contact references, and
take other reasonable steps necessary to assess this Rental Application, or for any renewal or associated tenancy issue including disclosure of information from this rental application and information arising from any tenancy to a database of tenant information.
The applicant offers to lease from Dockrey Apartments the property referred to above at the terms stated and if accepted, undertake to execute a standard form of lease for the property.
The applicant indicates agreement with all conditions of Dockrey Apartments application form, the property rules and standard form of lease.
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